Stephanie Vanbeuge, Undergraduate Researcher

Stephanie came to the University of Utah from the city of Las Vegas, NV. She is currently a senior studying Biology with an emphasis in Cell and Molecular Biology and is the third generation in her family to be a Ute. In her second year at the U, Steph started doing research on campus in a lab studying eye development in mice and fell in love with genetics. A year later, she came to the Phadnis lab to continue doing research and learn more about genetics and how to conduct research. After she graduates, Stephanie is going to attend graduate school to earn a PhD in Biology and hopes to be the PI of her own lab at a major research university.


In the lab, Stephanie is currently working on a project to help fine map the genetic architecture contributing to speciation between two subspecies of fruit fly: Drosophila pseudoobscura pseudoobscura  (USA) and Drosophila pseudoobscura bogotana (Bog). These two subspecies have recently diverged, and when a USA male is crossed with a Bog female, the resulting hybrid females are fertile while the hybrid males are sterile. However, in the reciprocal cross, both males and females are fertile. Steph is working towards finding a gene on the Bog X chromosome that Nitin Phadnis identified as being a large effector for hybrid male sterility.


Outside of lab, Steph keeps busy with her school schedule and applying for graduate school. However, in her free time, she enjoys hiking and taking long walks that allow her to explore around Salt Lake City and volunteering in the community. She also likes to travel around the world and experience new and exciting things as much as she can.